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Are you a Carer? We want to support you

If you regularly give unpaid help to a partner, relative, friend or neighbour or disabled child because they are too ill or vulnerable to carry out daily tasks themselves then you are a Carer.

Carers can get ill, stressed and anxious if they are looking after someone without getting help for themselves.

Carers Ambassadors

A group of Carers, supported by Derbyshire Carers Association, have become Carers Ambassadors. This team of Ambassadors are leaders on behalf of other Carers and make recommendations to develop Carers services.

Carers Ambassadors meet regularly with Derby City Council, local NHS organisations and charities in a group known as the “Derby Carers Partnership Board”. The Derby Carers Partnership Board has produced this commitment to carers in Derby and also a plan of how it will be honoured.

Every year, we will update our plan. We will continually check to make sure we are doing what we have said we will do. We will talk to Carers about what we're doing, listen to feedback and look for improvements all the time.

Our Commitment

Members of the Derby Carers Partnership Board are committed to:

  • Keeping Carers better informed about what help is available to them in Derby.

  • Supporting more Carers in the city to have breaks from their caring role.

  • Helping reduce stress and isolation as a result of someone being a Carer.

  • Being better at listening to Carers when they talk about their needs.

  • Being better at recognising the importance of the help Carers give to the person they care for.

  • Supporting more Carers in Derby, from all backgrounds including young carers.

  • Recognising that Carers may have multiple needs of their own.

  • Raising awareness of issues facing Carers in their everyday lives.

Who to contact  

If you'd like to talk to someone about the support you can receive as a Carer then telephone 01332 200002 or email

If you want to know more about being a Carers Ambassador then telephone 01773 743355 or email

Getting help from your GP

Although more than 25,000 people in Derby care for others, many are not known by their GP. Some people who provide care for others suffer ill health as a result of their caring responsibilities so it is important that you let your GP know that you are looking after someone. GPs can be a valuable source of support. They have a good knowledge of local services and support organisations, and can also provide you with an information pack that tells you more about the kinds of support that are available.

What help is available?

The Carers Breaks Information and Support service can give you advice on the help you may be entitled to receive. Some of the new services include:

  • Lifestyle benefits discount scheme.
  • Access free stressbuster sessions to give you some much deserved ‘time out’ for relaxation.
  • A support network of workers who can help with accessing the services that meet your needs e.g. Carer’s assessments, benefits and taking a break.
  • Support with setting up a free emergency plan if you are unable to care for the person at short notice.

For more information about any of our services please contact the Carers Breaks Information and Support Service on 01332 717 777.

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