Governing Body Papers and Ratified Minutes

Use the links below to view our Public Papers and Ratified Minutes. You can also keep up to date with the forthcoming meetings by visiting our Governing Body Meeting page.

04.07.19 Board Pack

06.06.19 Board Pack
06.06.19 Ratified Minutes

02.05.19 Board Pack
02.05.19 Ratified Minutes 

11.04.19 Board Pack
11.04.19 Ratified Minutes

28.03.19 Board Pack
28.03.19 Ratified Minutes

28.02.19 Board Pack
28.02.19 Ratified Minutes

24.01.19 Board Pack
24.01.19 Ratified Minutes

For archive Public Papers and Ratified Minutes by year please use the below links (RSS FEED BEING UPDATED):